Church Planting

Our leaders mentor and disciple Haitian leadership as we plant new churches.  Mature believers are being trained to support current church leadership and in preparation for new church plants.

RoRo & Pastor Mario have been equipping our churches through Church Leadership Training Seminars, and our pastors are excited to report growth! Read more!


All HCO-planted churches are called Emmanuel Christian Church, followed by the village name. We have planted churches in these locations:

  • Belle Anse (2015), Pastor Giteau
  • Bordin (2013), Pastor Jacob Mattieu
  • Chota (2014), Pastor Vange Pierre
  • Cyvadier, Pastor Maxi Senous
  • Drouillard (2002), Pastor Jacob Mattieu
  • Grand Bois (2011), Pastor Noel Luis
  • Kapotyer (1998), Pastor Mario Cherubin
  • Peredo (2006), Pastor Jacquelin Jean-Baptiste
  • Seguin (1991), Pastor Jasmin Fabien
  • Terre-Neuve (2011), Pastor Duikslin Mattieu