\ 2017 Summer Intern Retreat - Haitian Christian Outreach
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2017 Summer Intern Retreat

Taking time to retreat with our interns is an integral part of preparing them to serve, helping them get to know one another, and building a strong team.

This year, Cameron and Jennifer led the retreat time at the beautiful Shepherd’s Gate Inn with lead intern Larissa Blevins, Hannah Galehouse, Andrea Larson, and Lizzy Smith. The Friday to Sunday retreat was full of sharing stories, learning about each other’s personalities, building trust, playing games, asking/answering a lot of questions about Haiti, and learning more about what the summer would be like.

The Inn staff was amazed that these four young women had just met for the first time given how at ease and friendly they were with each other. We are looking forward to watching these ladies grow as they serve God and our summer teams in Peredo!

Summer 2017 Interns (L-R): Larissa, Hannah, Lizzy & Andrea

The REST Ministries staff at Shepherd’s Gate Inn (Martinsville, IN) was wonderful. They spoiled us with delicious, home-cooked meals and shared the amazing God-story of how their ministry came to operate such a gorgeous retreat home in a picturesque setting. Cameron and Jennifer are looking forward to using the Inn for personal, spiritual retreats in the future. We would encourage anyone considering a retreat to talk with the Lehmans!

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