\ 2023 Summer Internships - Haitian Christian Outreach

2023 Summer Internships

The Summer 2023 Internship Application is now OPEN! To apply, click the link below! 

As a Haitian Christian Outreach intern, you will travel the U.S. to various churches and church camps to teach students about Haitian Christian Outreach and how they can assist in doing something in Haiti that lasts.

The HCO Intern supports the vision of the President-Founder and US Director in regards to education of churches, donors, and partners about Haitian Christian Outreach. The intern oversees church vacation bible schools and church camps in a manner that allows HCO to focus on its mission to do something for Haiti that will last. 

This person will: 

  • Begin this work from a position of prayer, seeking and following God’s will, praying for our ministry and the work we do to expand God’s Kingdom. 
  • Serve from a position of humility in relationship to RoRo and Eline Eustache, making their vision of doing something for Haiti that will last a priority. 
  • Strive to ensure churches, partners, and potential donors/partners are empowered, equipped and encouraged. 
  • Provide ongoing updates to the US Director and President-Founder. 
  • Represent HCO in a manner that is God-honoring in his/her personal life and HCO work, including emails, phone calls, and online posts.