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Educating Through Child Sponsorship

Meet Walner!

Walner attends the fourth grade at Emmanuel Christian School in Seguin. His favorite subject is French and he wants to be an engineer when he grows up. Walner has a big family with three brothers and three sisters.

He dreams of a bright future.

He deserves a bright future.

But in Haiti, education is not free and only a small percentage of children have the opportunity to go to school. For many families, it’s cost prohibitive, especially in the secondary grades. At Haitian Christian Outreach we come alongside families and partner with them to help ease the financial burden through Child Sponsorship.



A Child Sponsor lovingly provides quality education, spiritual training, nutrition, and health care through the Peredo Community Hospital. For $30 a month, sponsors create opportunities for a child, help ease the financial burden for a family, and help build up the next generation in Haiti! Educated children are the future of Haiti.

HCO is able to operate Emmanuel Christian School of Seguin and our other five schools, providing education and Bible classes to these students because of the support we receive from our child sponsors. We serve 1,600 students within our six schools and only 495 of those children currently have a sponsor. Sponsors are needed to help ensure we can continue to educate, equip, empower, and encourage these precious children.

Walner tells us his favorite place to go is school because it helps him learn and grow! We are thankful Walner has the opportunity to attend school with the help of his sponsor and we can’t wait to see what God has planned for him. With an education, Walner will have more opportunities and a strong foundation to reach his dreams!

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