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From Our Interim Board Chairman

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and giving as HCO responds to the needs of Haitian brothers and sisters who were impacted by Hurricane Matthew. As RoRo and Eline work with the churches to care for those in the Peredo area they are discovering other needs even further west. This crisis will not be addressed and solved in a week, but I am grateful that you have been so generous in your immediate responses.

I am honored to share a few thoughts with you today as Haitian Christian Outreach continues its legacy of doing something for Haiti that will last. I am proud that RoRo and Eline Eustache continue to lead the evangelistic, educational, community, and medical work in Haiti and are building on what God has done for the last 30 years.

I want to say thank you for your partnership which makes this work possible. By responding to God’s leading, you have invested in the work of the gospel. Lives are being transformed, and Haiti is being impacted for God’s glory.

During the last six months we’ve experienced a series of transitions (May blog,  What’s Next blog) in the HCO leadership. As these changes occurred, RoRo, as the leader of HCO, and Cameron, as US Director, were commissioned by the HCO board to lead us into the future. Part of this involves recommending and vetting potential new board members to begin serving as early as November at our next meeting. These individuals have a strong commitment to HCO, RoRo, and have experience in Haiti. We are encouraged by their excitement in supporting what God is doing through RoRo and HCO. As these potential leadership partners walk through the process of joining our team, please pray for them. We look forward to introducing them to HCO’s family soon.

On a personal note, several of those who have finished a season of leadership on the HCO board have been key voices in my faith journey and ministry life. Mac Burberry has offered wise counsel and encouragement at pivotal moments, and I will be forever grateful for his love and partnership in the gospel. Steve Collins was the first minister I served under as an intern in Pana, IL, and I still hear his voice in my head during moments of reflection and decision. Dr. Robert Kurka has been a man of wisdom, spiritual depth, and passion who inspires me in new ways every time I interact with him. I am grateful to have received personal support and wisdom from these men, and it is reassuring to know their experience is there to draw on if needed.

As we look forward, it is essential for us all to recognize that these are important times for HCO, for the Eustaches, and for Haiti. We covet your prayers as we seek God’s will and providence for His work. For more than thirty years, God has done powerful things for His glory, and we have each served as humble partners in that good work.

We praise God for what has happened – how could we not? He has done great things!

We praise God for what is happening – how could we not? He is continually faithful!

We praise God for what will happen – how could we not? He has great plans for Haiti and for HCO!

Will you consider partnering with HCO in a few ways that I believe will help us the most?

  • Pray for RoRo and Eline, Cameron and Jennifer, and our Haitian staff who work so hard to accomplish God’s mission in Haiti.
  • Pray for God to lead the right people to serve on the HCO board and to build on the legacy of such faithful men and women who have gone before us.
  • Pray for God to lead more Haitian men and women to Jesus through the work of HCO.
  • Pray for those impacted by the hurricane to find the shelter, food, and clean water they need to survive and rebuild.
  • Consider serving in the near future on a short-term mission trip to see and share God’s mission in Haiti.
  • Consider giving financially to HCO to support the good work God has begun. Your gift between now and the end of the year will propel HCO forward in its efforts to plant new churches, educate children, empower communities, and serve the medical needs of the Haitian people.

Thank you for taking time read this update and for your ongoing support of HCO. We pray for you each day and celebrate what God is doing with your partnership. If we can answer any questions you have, please feel free to contact Cameron or me. I look forward to the coming years as God does more than we can ask or imagine.

Grace and Peace,
Chris Steele

Interim HCO Board Chairman
Connections Minister, North Terrace Church of Christ

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Loren Roberts

October 14, 2016

I have been praying for RoRo and his family good several years having met him, Sound and Kim at 242 Community Church, Brighton, mi. Kim Smith I my daughter. I have also been praying for the ministry of HCO and Haiti. In Christian love.