Short Term Trips

If you would like to organize a mission trip to Haiti with HCO, start with all of the information on this page. You’ll find:

  • COVID restrictions
  • Basic trip information
  • Trip costs – HCO covered expenses & team responsibilities
  • Steps for scheduling a trip with HCO
  • Links to our Short-term Trip Application (for participants)

Want to get a look at what a trip with HCO is like? Check out a couple of trip recaps:

If you have questions that are not answered here, contact Larissa.

COVID Restrictions: Things to know before you go:

Entering Haiti:

Travelers are required to take a COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours (3 days) prior to boarding their flight to Haiti. These tests may be of the Anitgen or PCR type. If travelers have had COVID-19 previously, they should present their positive test and documents of recovery from their attending physician. A COVID-19 Vaccine is not currently required to enter Haiti, nor can it be used as documentation for COVID-19 status. 

Entering United States:

Prior to departure from Haiti, travelers are required to take a viral Covid-19 test within 3 days before returning to the US or have recovered from Covid-19 within the past 90 days. Travelers will supply/show or print electronic documentation to give their airline providers. 

Travelers that have recovered from Covid-19 within 90 days must show the previous positive viral Covid-19 test result and “Documentation Of Recovery” in the form of an official letter from a licensed health care provider or public health official stating that the passenger has been cleared for travel. The letter must be on an official letterhead containing the name, address, and phone number of the health care provider/public health official. Documentation needs to have personal identifiers on it, such as the traveler’s name and date of birth. The test must state: Negative, SARE-CoV-2 RNA not Detected, SARS-CoV-2 Antigen not detected, or Covid-19 Not Detected. A test marked “invalid” is not acceptable. Even if travelers have received a COVID-19 Vaccine, a negative test result or Documentation of Recovery is still required.

Toussaint Louverture International airport (Main Airport in Port-au-Prince) offers rapid testing for $6,000 gourdes or around $81 per test. No appointment is necessary, it is a walk-in clinic within the airport. If a traveler tests positive while in Haiti, they must remain in Haiti until a negative COVID-19 test can be provided. It is recommended that if travelers feel symptoms that they delay travel back to the US until symptoms have subsided. 


The CDC highly recommends that travelers get tested 3-5 days post-travel AND stay home/self-quarantine for 7-10 days even if travelers test negative. 

How long can I come?
At this time, due to an increased interest in trips by all of our partners, all teams will be limited to one week per season (spring, summer, fall trips) to accommodate as many different partners as possible who want to serve in Haiti with the mission. Additional weeks may be available 3 months in advance if they have not been reserved. Our 2021 short-term trip dates will be from Wednesday (travel day to Miami/overnight stay) until Thursday of the next week.

  • Arrive at Miami International Airport on Wednesday
  • Travel into Haiti on Thursday
  • Worship with our church on Sunday
  • Serve in our communities through the week
  • Return to the States on Thursday


2022 Open Dates

  • January 12-20


  • February 2-10


  • March 9-17
  • March 16-24
  • March 23-31


  • March 30-April 7
  • April 6-14
  • April 20-28


  • April 27-May 5
  • May 4-12
  • May 11-19
  • May18-26
  • May 25-June 2


  • June 1-9
  • June 8-16
  • June 15-23
  • June 22-30


  • June 29-July 7
  • July 6-14
  • July 13-21
  • July 20-28
  • July 27-August 4


  • August 3-11
  • August 10-18
  • August 17-25
  • August 24-September 1


  • August 31-September 8
  • September 7-15
  • September 14-22
  • September 21-29


  • September 28-October 6
  • October 5-13
  • October 12-20
  • October 19-27


What size should our team be?
At this time we require all teams to be no more than 12 people.

How much does it cost?
$500 non-refundable Team Trip Deposit per team
$900 per participant

What does that include?

We recommend teams purchase airline tickets 6-9 months in advance, if possible, for best rates. 

*Travel Tip!* If your group is large enough to obtain a group contract (10 or more confirmed travelers), a modest deposit will be required upfront by the airline, giving your team more time to fundraise before having to pay the balance of the tickets.

Ready to schedule a trip?

1. Email us with your preferred trip dates and secure your trip date online with a $500 non-refundable Team Trip Deposit.

2. Team members submit our Short-term Trip Application online. All trip participants must be signed up 3 months prior to trip dates.

3. Team members pay the $900 in two installments of $450 each:

  • 1st payment 3 months prior to trip
  • 2nd payment 1 month prior to trip

4. Team Leader prepares their teams using our Team Training materials. Our Team Coordinator will send you these once your trip dates have been confirmed.

5. Team Leader purchases airline tickets. Please review our arrival/departure requirements before you book flights:

  • You must arrive in Port-au-Prince on the earliest flight out of Miami  
  • You must depart Port-au-Prince on the latest flight out 
  • We strongly prefer your entire team arrives on the same flight. 

You must obtain approval from HCO BEFORE purchasing tickets if you want to arrive/depart at different times or arrive on more than one flight! Please contact Larissa for approval.

If you need help arranging airfare, see p. 8 in your Leader Guide: Travel Agent Assistance for information about our recommended travel agent: Kimi Pineiro at Mission Nation.

6. HCO sends your Team Leader trip materials:

  • Team t-shirts
  • HCO luggage tags
  • Team name tags & lanyard (to wear day of travel)

7. HCO purchases Basic Travel Insurance for each team member. Any additional coverage desired is the responsibility of the team and/or participant. Mission Nation offers an additional “Deluxe” package at an additional cost to the team. Please contact Larissa for more details if interested. If a team chooses not to purchase tickets through Mission Nation, insurance will be purchased from a different agency. 

8. Teams pack and prepare for their week of service!

Short-term Trip Recap Blog
Connor Wood from Hazel Dell CC (IN) wrote a great recap of their summer 2017 trip, complete with photos: Summer Trip: Blessed & Fulfilled. If you’d like to see and learn more about what a trip is like, this is a good place to start!

Short-term Trip Recap Video
Another way to learn about what a trip with HCO is like is to check out this video by Kami Butcher. She shares a trip recap from the Fairfield CC (IL) 2017 trip to give you a look inside their trip to Peredo!