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Haiti COVID-19 Update

We continue to navigate through the pandemic much like the rest of the world, however, in Haiti, it is very difficult to get ahead of the virus with a lack of resources and vulnerabilities we face each day such as poverty, food insecurity, and political division. We also continue to struggle with fuel shortages.

The second state of emergency is scheduled to be lifted this month. With the lift, limited commercial flights back into Haiti will resume. This could mean an increase in cases as the risk of infected persons arriving on these flights increases.

We continue to encourage our pastors, teachers, hospital staff, and community members. We have not been able to meet in-person, as fines are given for groups of more than 10 people gathered. But many of our pastors have been able to use WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube to reach out to people in the community.

We praise God, as we have had no reports of our pastors, teachers, or school students that have tested positive for the virus. The hospital staff continues to work diligently in meeting the needs of patients each day. We praise God for his provision and faithfulness.

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