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Help us keep our records updated!

We love online giving! When we are traveling for the mission, it’s an easy way to make sure our tithe goes to our home church each week. We also like the convenience of giving to HCO using our debit card. And, like many of you, we use our debit card to pay some bills online. So when we recently received our new PNC debit cards with “the chip” in them, we had a little job to do.

It took just a few minutes to go online and make the necessary phone calls to update our new card information with all of the places we use our debit card. We know that our church, HCO, and other organizations must pay a transaction fee for our giving even if our card bounces for any reason. We wanted to help the places we love be good stewards by getting our new information to them right away. Not only did we save them an extra fee, but we made sure there was no lapse in our giving!

If you use your debit or credit card for online giving and sponsorships, please contact Laura at 217-778-6950 when you get a new card and update your information. Thanks!


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