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How to Host an Every Child Sunday

You can do something for Haiti that will last by hosting an Every Child Sunday at your church!

This is a special day for your church to learn about our students and sign-up new sponsors.

Many churches promote the special day a few weeks in advance so that people come prepared to participate.

On your Every Child Sunday, your church gives some time in the service to Every Child — a missions moment, sermon, sponsor testimony, and/or video — inviting people to get involved financially and prayerfully with our students.

An Every Child sponsor gives $12/month to evangelize, equip, empower, and encourage nearly 2,000 students through HCO’s six Emmanuel Christian Schools.

After service, people can become a sponsor at an Every Child table, placed in a prominent location where volunteers help people through the easy sign-up process. Recruit a couple of volunteers, then use our banner, promo/sign-up cards, sample sponsor t-shirt, and return envelopes at the table!

We’ve made it easy!

  1. Download our How to Host an Every Child Sunday which includes:
    • An overview of an Every Child Sunday
    • Steps for Hosting an Every Child Sunday
    • Every Child FAQs
    • Volunteer Tips
  2. Pray – Promote – Prepare for your special day.
  3. Request an Every Child Sunday box be sent to you.
    • Banner
    • Sample sponsor t-shirt
    • Promo cards
    • Sign-up cards
    • Return envelopes
  4. Share our Every Child Sunday video with your church.
  5. Praise God for what He does through your church!
  6. Send sign-up cards and unused supplies back to HCO.

Want to help Every Child but rather not do it on your own? You can invite HCO to lead an Every Child Sunday at your church!

Contact us at hco@haitianchristian.org or 217-778-6950 to discuss dates and make arrangements for someone from the mission to lead an Every Child Sunday at your church.

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