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Love in Action – The Peredo Community Hospital Heart Institute

Fanning the Flames of Love.  Agape love, that is. 

We are not talking about passion, at least not in the sense that February or Valentine’s Day, specifically, makes one think of, but the type of passion God places in one’s heart that pushes them to the type of love known as agape. Agape love is the type of love that is wide open, sacrificial, pure, willful, wanting nothing in return, the type of love used to describe God’s love for His children. 

Unlike the heart of God, the human heart can be stricken with disease. The number one cause of death for adults over the age of 50 in Haiti is heart disease. Dr Gedeon Gelin, a Haitian Cardiologist, passionate about heart health, teaching others, and engaging personally in the community. Now that he spent the better half of 2022 teaching most of the medical community in the southern portion of Haiti to perform cardiac diagnostic testing, he is traveling into the villages to SEEK out the most vulnerable to serve. His mission in educating, practicing and serving is to “serve the King and the poor at the same table.” 

On one of the most recent trips, he came across a petite woman, so fragile she did not have the energy to cook anything to eat. After a few brief questions, Dr Gelin asked his nurse to take over the assessment, he gathered some wood and charcoal, found a pot, and started the cooking fire. It was not only that he started the fire for his new friend, but he made her a meal, sat with her while she ate, and listened to her needs. All of this to which Dr Gelin says, “She made my day.” Click HERE to watch the video! 

Our doctors are not only treating patients, but sharing God’s love with them. When was the last time one of your doctors stopped what they were doing and made you a meal? Dr. Gelin helped open the heart institute in 2022 in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. There is no doubt that we have seen God’s hand, and heart, in it all. We are so blessed to have Dr. Gelin at Peredo Community Hospital and we are so excited to continue to see God’s Glory shine despite the country’s situation. 

Would you consider partnering with us in making a monthly recurring donation towards our health care fund? A monthly donation of $30.00 per month will provide TWO EKG tests for those in need or $40.00 per month will provide TWO Heart Ultrasounds. Please pray and consider partnering with us as we continue to do something in Haiti that will last through health care and The Heart Institute of Peredo Community Hospital. 

Click HERE to make a monthly donation towards our health care fund.

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