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Meet Our Every Child Students!

Each month, our Every Child Sponsors receive an email that provides an update from our schools and students. Often, these updates include a profile story of a student from several of our schools. Sometimes there will be a video update or a story that shows some of the activities our students have been completing. The students below were featured in our May 2016 update. Enjoy getting to know these wonderful students!

May 2016 Every Child Update

Our students and teachers at Emmanuel Christian Schools are heading into their last month before summer break. Please join us in praying they all finish the year strong!

Thank you for your May partnership in providing education, discipleship, food, and health care to Every Child!

Grand Bois*


Julessaint is a laid back, confident, well-spoken, and mature 17-year-old student in Mr. Sauveur’s 5th grade class in Grand Bois. He has attended school for three years, and his teacher says he’s doing well. Julessaint likes learning about math, geography, history, social science, and Jesus. He’s not a big fan of Creole class, but he really likes school in general. He hopes to become a teacher when he grows up so he can teach others.

At home, Julessaint lives with his mother and four siblings. His father died, and now the family farms. Being big and strong, he helps a lot with the farming and carrying water to their home. Lectine is his best friend, and they love to play soccer together.

*Grand Bois Every Child Sponsorship Partner Church

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Pierre is a happy and energetic 13-year-old student in our 1st grade class in Seguin. His teacher Ms. Alaina has inspired him to want to become a teacher also. His favorite thing about his village is that there is a school he can attend. And his favorite thing about school is learning how to read.

Pierre lives with three brothers, four sisters, and both parents. He is right in the middle age-wise, enjoying both older and younger siblings. They all help out their parents who farm. Like most Haitian boys, his favorite thing to do is play soccer.



Jhon Wesley is a friendly, talkative, 12-year-old in Mr. Balthazar’s 3rd grade class in Kapotyer. He has attended school for three years. He really likes math and Bible class where he can learn more about Jesus. When he grows up, he hopes to become a teacher so that he can share knowledge with others.

Jhon Wesley has one sister, and they live with both parents. His parents are sellers in the market. At home, Jhon Wesley likes to carry water home and go to their garden. He and his friend Jameson like to play soccer when they can.



Makaty is a tidy, well-mannered, and serious 5-year-old in our Preschool III class in Peredo. His teacher, Ms. Margareth, teaches Makaty and 30 classmates. They learn about math, reading, and coloring. Makaty’s favorite class is math, but he doesn’t like when they have to sing in school. When he grows up, he thinks he might like to become a teacher.

At home, Makaty lives with four siblings and his parents. They farm and sell things at the market. Makaty’s special job is to carry water to their home. When he has play time, he and Marie Love play all kinds of games together.



Fabienne is a happy girl with a sparkling personality. She is 15-years-old and in the 6th grade in Drouillard. She has attended school for two years at ECS. She loves grammar class and learning about verbs. She also likes Bible class where she learns about Jacob. Her least favorite subject is math. When she grows up, she hopes to become a nurse and heal people.

Fabienne lives in nearby Croix-des-Mission with her father, mother, two sisters, and one brother. Her father is a driver. Fabienne likes to do everything around the house, especially cooking and cleaning. Her best friend is Dada. They like to run and do funny things together.

Please pray with us for Every Child this month!


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