• All of our schools continue to be in session despite the country’s situation. 
  • The Emmanuel Christian Church of Port-au-Prince, in the middle of the chaos, Jesus’ name is STILL being praised in this House. They continue to hold services, and they are filling up each Sunday. 


  • For the safety of our pastors, teachers, students, physicians, nurses, and staff. For their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 
  • For breakthroughs, revivals, and miracles to come all over the country. For mana to fall from heaven and the supply chain to make its way to the south. FOR A PATH TO PEACE AND POSITIVE CHANGE to occur in Haiti. 

Friends, Save the date and join Haitian Christian Outreach for 40 DAYS of Prayer and Fasting for Haiti from April 8th – May 18th, 2024. Starting Monday, April 8th, we will be emailing and posting a weekly devotion and prayer. Would you partner with us in this way? Invite your church, workplace, business, and family to join us. We thank you in advance.