HCO Child Sponsorship Sign-Up

Sponsor a child for $30 per month! Your sponsorship will provide excellent education and spiritual training for students in our six Emmanuel Christian Schools in Peredo, Kapotyer, Seguin, Grand Bois, Drouillard, and Port-au-Prince.

Your sponsorship will connect you with a specific student. You can select the gender and grade for your child below. Your welcome letter and child’s photo profile will arrive soon in the mail. You will also receive prayer prompts and periodic email updates from our students and our schools.

*Please be sure to select the recurring donation box below to set up your monthly sponsorship!*

If you would like to sponsor more than three children, please contact our office at 217-778-6950 or hco@haitianchristian.org.

Thank you for your sponsorship!




When a child leaves our school
Child sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity for both you and your child(ren). However, there can be unexpected challenges in maintaining a long-term relationship with your child. As valued as education is in Haiti, some families take their children out of school. Sometimes children stop attending school for a variety of reasons, including cultural circumstances, illness, family situations, and other issues. Our hope is that your child graduates from Emmanuel Christian School after a long and successful education, but we cannot guarantee that will happen. If your child leaves our school for any reason, we will connect you with another child so that both of you can continue to benefit from your sponsorship!