2024 First Quarter Impact Update

Dear Friends, 

We are in full swing into 2024, and we want to take a moment to Praise the Lord for all He has done through Haitian Christian Outreach these past few months! We take great honor in the role God has us serving in the season as the voice of the Body of Christ, sharing what He is doing through the Hands and Feet on the ground! Often, when asked to provide an update about each pillar of the ministry, the question that follows is: “What can we do?” So, along with the updates, we have provided specific needs of the ministry. Please join us in Praising God for His good works through our Haitian brothers and sisters and prayerfully consider serving alongside them in one of the many ways listed below. 

Evangelizing and Encouraging

“Lespwa fè viv.” (Hope makes life. – Haitian Proverb)

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” Psalm 31:24

Our pastors continue to use their God-given talents to share the Gospel at a time when Haiti needs it most. All of our Emmanuel Christian Churches continue to worship together weekly. You can even join The Emmanuel Christian Church of Port-au-Prince and its members as they sing, worship, and praise EVERY WEEK! This is a miracle in itself, as they risk their lives to attend church in an area very heavily concentrated by gangs. 

The Emmanuel Christian Church of Seguin held its First Fruits – Harvest Celebration, and even though the fields had been washed away twice in 2023, they still celebrated the faithfulness and goodness of our Father in Heaven! Pastor Jacqueline, the pastor of the Emmanuel Christian Church in Peredo, hosted a three-day retreat for our youth during the Carnival Holiday this past February as a way to encircle the children of the area in the Love of Jesus while keeping them off the streets and out of the hands of the gangs. During the retreat, they memorized scripture and learned basic life skills like baking. 

How can you serve alongside our pastors and the members of the churches? Would you consider walking alongside our pastors with a recurring donation of $30, $40, or $50 per month so they can support their families as they are actively leading others to Christ? 


“Di m kisa ou renmen, ma di ou ki moun ou ye.” (Tell me who you love, and I will tell you who you are OR The people you care about can tell a lot about who you are.)

“…having loved His [Jesus] own which were in the world, He loved them until the end.” John 13:1

We are so grateful that the school in Port-au-Prince has only had to close down a few times due to the violence. When this school is in session, parents will bring their kids to the school and wait within the gates for protection until school is over. Then, they rush home with their children, getting off the streets as quickly as possible. We have heard from other areas that some are not leaving their homes for weeks on end to stay safe. Thanks to our classroom sponsors, our schools are open and remain a place of safety, normalcy, and nourishment for the students. Please pray for protection over our students, teachers, and their families! 

How can you serve alongside the teachers and school administrators? Do something in Haiti that will last through the next generation of Kingdom leaders! Will you take a seat in our classroom? Become a classroom sponsor for only $30.00 per month by taking a seat in one of our classrooms today! Click HERE to learn more! 


“Devan pòt tounen dèyè kay.” (The front door becomes the back of the house, OR Things can change, and the situation can be reversed.)

“…not in the way of eyeservice, as men-pleasers; but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart; with good will doing service, as unto the Lord, and not unto men: knowing that whatsoever good thing each one doeth, the same shall he receive again from the Lord, whether [he be] bond or free.” Ephesians 6:6-8

Just like every other facility in Haiti, the Peredo Community Hospital is extremely low on resources. We are low on staff. We are low on medication. We are low on materials. And we are low on patients. The supply chain throughout the country is entirely broken. Increasingly, daily life is deadly because of arms trafficking and gang control, and travel is more of a risk than ever. Many highly trained professionals who know how to do the skilled work needed to run a hospital have understandably sought work and shelter in other countries. In the capital, only one public hospital remains open. And just as at the Peredo Community Hospital, not even this hospital can treat everyone who shows up. Recently, the armed groups looted and set fire to many pharmacies and hospitals in the Port Au Prince area. The scarcity of materials and medicine throughout the country is already even greater.

Our food distribution program continues, though it is harder and harder to find many items. Thank you to all who have continued giving faithfully and generously to this program that feeds hundreds of people monthly. Please pray for the resources and the provisions to be available when needed!

How can you serve alongside our hospital staff? Read more in our World Health Day blog. Please consider lifting up our hospital team with a recurring donation of $30, $40, or $50 monthly toward their salaries. Please consider making a *RECURRING MONTHLY GIFT* to our disaster relief fund if you haven’t already done so. This is one way you can be a lifeline to those on the ground! CLICK HERE to give to the disaster relief fund. 


To stay informed about our ministry and our work in Haiti, please visit the news section on our website, which we regularly update.

COUNTRY UPDATES/CURRENT HAPPENINGS: Because of how quickly things have progressed over the past year, we have created a blog labeled CURRENT HAPPENINGS on our website for your reference HERE. Each item shared is a link to a news source responding to the situation, and the blog is updated regularly. We want you to be able to easily find news regarding the country and people we all care so deeply for. Sharing these links with your network of friends and family via email or social media is highly encouraged! We also insist on contacting us regarding any questions you may have through [email protected]

For His Glory, 

Megan Schreiber, Executive Director