Vision Week – Summer 2024

Haitian Christian Outreach is launching our first-ever pair of VISION WEEKS, a way for you to connect with us and see behind the scenes what a week in Haiti looks like with our ministry. Each Vision Week is full of exclusive insight into the mission, including never-before-seen videos and stories from the ministry. In addition, your group will have an exclusive one-on-one Zoom call with our founders, RoRo and Eline Eustache. 

These Vision Weeks serve two purposes:

First, we want to show you how HCO is still doing kingdom work in the midst of a crisis unparalleled to any in Haiti’s history. While we would love to have boots-on-the-ground opportunities that allow you to build relationships with your brothers and sisters in Haiti, this virtual Vision Week is currently the next best thing. 

Second, In-person trips have typically been a major source of fundraising for community development such as building the hospital, buying medication, providing meals for the children of the church during a VBS, or meeting the children of the classrooms of our schools and understanding the role you play in their access to education. There’s no way to replace that kind of trip, but we’re looking to the resiliency and resourcefulness of our Haitian brothers and sisters as a model for how to work with what we have. 

We understand there is nothing quite like visiting our campus in Peredo. Over the years, many of our partners have come home from Haiti with incredible stories about time spent with our hospital staff, pastors, teachers, students, and others. The ongoing crisis in Haiti means that we can’t send visitors on trips right now–which is a small thing when you think about what our Haitian friends are experiencing. So we ask again,  will you do what it takes to join us for Vision Week this summer?

Sign up for your preferred week: June 23-28 OR July 21-26

The deadline to sign up is June 1st, and we have limited spots for each week, so please do not wait to sign up!

You will receive the daily information during the week you sign up for, and we will schedule a personal one-on-one Zoom meeting with founders RoRo and Eline.

When you sign up and donate, you will receive a welcome packet in the mail before your vision week. This packet will include a welcome letter, ONE t-shirt, Haitian coffee, recipes to try during the week, AND MORE!

Week Iternatry: 


  • Team Welcome Zoom call with HCO Executive Director, Megan Schreiber (Sunday of vision week at 2PM CT (3 pm ET)).
  • Scheduled Zoom calls for each participant with Ro and Eline Eustache during vision week. 

Daily Emails Monday – Friday at 7 AM CT (8 AM ET), including never-before-seen videos and stories of our ministry.

Contact our office with any questions [email protected]