Educated children are the future of Haiti. Yet, only a small percentage of children in Haiti have the opportunity to go to school. For many families, it’s cost prohibitive, especially in the secondary grades. HCO tries to remove as many barriers as possible and provide opportunities to educate the next generation of children.

HCO’s Emmanuel Christian Schools provide excellent educational and spiritual training. Through child sponsors, we are able to educate nearly 1,600 students each year.

We share stories about our Children and about Emmanuel Christian Schools on our blog to show the impact of sponsorships and celebrate how God is doing something in Haiti that will last through our education and ministry to children.

Take a look at this video to see some of the students and schools impacted by HCO Child Sponsorships!

All HCO schools are called Emmanuel Christian School, followed by the community name. Each consists of Pre-K through 6th grade, except for Port-au-Prince which has classes through 13th grade. In addition to students enrolled in our schools, we also support a number of students from the villages to attend high school in the Jacmel area. We have schools in these locations (color-coded to boxes on map below):

  • Grand Bois (2011)
  • Kapotyer (2009)
  • Peredo (2009)
  • Drouillard (2002)
  • Seguin (1996)
  • Port-au-Prince (1990)

Child Sponsorships allow you to partner with our schools to educate, evangelize, equip, empower, and encourage our students.

Your monthly gift of $30 connects you to a specific student. You can choose the gender and grade of your child when you become a sponsor. We will send your child’s photo profile to you in the mail!

Once you are a sponsor…

  • Look for your Sponsor Welcome, including your child’s photo profile and prayer card, to arrive in the mail shortly after you sign up!
  • Learn more about our schools and students through periodic email updates.
  • Pray for students using our prayer prompts.
  • Invite others to become a sponsor!
  • Continue giving each month & increase your sponsorship when you can!
  • Come visit our students on a short-term trip to Haiti! You can meet your child during trips when school is in session.
Become a Child Sponsor

Check out photos and testimonies of sponsors meeting their children!

When a child leaves our school

Child sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity for both you and your child(ren). However, there can be unexpected challenges in maintaining a long-term relationship with your child. As valued as education is in Haiti, some families take their children out of school. Sometimes children stop attending school for a variety of reasons, including cultural circumstances, illness, family situations, and other issues. Our hope is that your child graduates from Emmanuel Christian School after a long and successful education, but we cannot guarantee that will happen. If your child leaves our school for any reason, we will connect you with another child so that both of you can continue to benefit from your sponsorship!

Want to do more?
You can host a Child Sponsorship Day at your church or organization! 
This is a special day for people to learn about our children and choose an individual child to sponsor. Promote the special day a few weeks in advance so that people come prepared to participate.

Sponsors can choose their own child’s photo and take the child’s photo profile home with them right away!


Pray for Emmanuel Christian School students

Each month we invite our Child Sponsors and our HCO community to pray in unity for our students. Pray with us using the prompts below. Or, download a printable version.