• The Peredo campus welcomed 75 kids for the three-day retreat in February! The members of the Emmanuel Christian Church were able to provide a meal and refreshments to all who attended. Thanks to partners like YOU, Pas Jacqueline and the Peredo Campus are nurturing the faith of the children of their communities! 
  • Praise God for our hospital staff, who continue to bring hope to our communities. They are breaking through the status quo in a world with limited supplies and resources. The Lord continues to provide a way to bring healthcare to our brothers and sisters in Haiti. 


  • Our Peredo Emmanuel Christian Church Pastor, Pas Jacqueline’s home, caught fire in February. Praise God, everyone is safe! Thankfully, the fire did not spread and remained in one area of the house. Unfortunately, they did lose the mattress the children slept on and all the children’s clothes. Please pray for him, his wife, and their four children: Gamaliel (10yrs), Sarah (9yrs), Jotham (7yrs), and Ester (3yrs). 
  • Pray for a breakthrough in the supply chain throughout the south of Haiti. The main routes to the south are blocked, causing the entire south to be cut off from all supplies and barely surviving.  
  • Pray over our brothers and sisters in Haiti during this time of destruction over the country. To learn more about how to pray over the situation specifically, visit our Haiti Current Happenings.


How can we be praying for you? Send any prayer requests to [email protected], and the US Staff will be sure to pray over you!