International Women’s Day 2023

To a STRONG, encouraging and loving woman we want to celebrate and feature for International Women’s Day, someone that has helped keep the straight path and focus on what God has called their family to do in Haiti. Someone who has helped lay the foundation of this ministry. We dedicate this International Women’s Day to Eline Eustache, (aka Madam Pas), a daughter of the most high King, sister, mother, grandmother, and friend to many.

Many of you may know the story, but while Ro and Eline were in the states attending Ozark Christian College, they were married. Before returning back to Haiti, Eline needed her passport updated, changing her maiden name to her now married name. RoRo traveled to the Haitian Embassy in New York, however, once he completed all the paperwork he was told it would take 6-8 weeks before they would receive her new passport in the mail. When leaving the Embassy, RoRo ran into an old friend he knew from days in school in Haiti who was now working in the States. The friend asked Ro what he was doing there in New York and when Ro had finished explaining, his friend asked him to wait a few moments before leaving. Ro’s friend went back into the embassy and within 20 minutes he had returned with Eline’s new passport! Knowing that Ro and Eline planned to return to Haiti, Ro’s friend thought Ro was crazy and instead, offered him a job at the United Nations. So, RoRo called Eline and told her about this amazing interaction with his old friend and that they are not going back to Haiti because he can get a job with the UN. Eline gently reminded Ro of the promise they made to God and that they made to Bill Hostetler, that they would Do Something In Haiti That Lasts! Eline then provided Ro with wisdom that still shapes the foundation of their calling. She said to him, “RoRo, if we stay here, we can be useful, but in Haiti we are NEEDED.” With only three hundred dollars in their pocket and a new baby boy, they made their way back to Haiti.

Much like Mary, mother of Jesus, Ruth, Esther, and so many other women full of faith, Eline did not have all the details of what being obedient to God’s call would mean. She did not know that she and her husband would raise three children in one of the most difficult countries to live in. Eline could have taken the safe and easy way out, forgotten the promise they made, decided they didn’t need to be part of God’s plan, but she didn’t. Instead, in that moment she chose to put all the faith she had into the call God had for them. As the companion, the helper, the leader, the guide,  and the friend God made her to be, Eline has walked side by side with RoRo, keeping them on the straight and narrow path for 38 years of work in Haiti. 

Today we want to lift up and honor God for all of the amazing women that He has placed in this ministry throughout the past 38 years. From on the ground in Haiti with our school teachers, nurses, doctors, pastors wifes, to the U.S staff as well.