Let There be Light!

The lights are ON at Peredo Community Hospital! It is hard to fully express how amazing it feels to stand in the rooms and hallways of Phase II at night with the lights blazing bright! Nearly all of the walls now have stucco, and the next steps are paint and tile.

Our teams from Northside CC (OH) and Kokomo (IN) were instrumental in getting the electricity installed and helping with the stucco. Other teams will help with stucco as well!

We have raised nearly $400,000 so far in building this amazing 8,500 square foot surgical addition to PCH. As the Haitian economy has continued to decline and inflation has continued to rise, we feel like we’ve been in the final stages of construction for a while. Just like the exhilaration of seeing the roof poured last year, seeing the lights and the stucco finished are another promise of God’s faithfulness through this huge and long construction process.

We are thrilled for the commitment of the Triple Trek team that has raised over $52,000 toward final costs (some of those funds are going toward their trip costs). We project we will need roughly $100,000 to open the doors, and we are trusting God for the remaining $55,000 or so that will cover tile, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures and paint. If you would like to give toward this final push, you can do so here.

Gratefully, we have much of the needed medical and surgical equipment already in Peredo. Our February team from Kokomo completed a medical equipment inventory that will be shared with some of our partners in March. Rick Wood (Worldwide Charitable Biomedical Services) and Rick King (CHOSEN IMA) will visit PCH to make a final evaluation of what is needed to be done and procured prior to installation.

Enjoy this video tour from Cameron and the photos below!