Extreme Flooding from Tropical Storm – Disaster Relief for Haiti

The weekend of November 17th, 2023 the southern part of Haiti experienced another extreme flooding disaster. An unnamed storm system that dumped rain across the southern part of Haiti and into the Dominican Republic causing flash flooding, massive landslides, washing out roads, taking out entire banana plantations, and trapping people in their homes or destroying them completely.

In the wake of many natural disasters we have constructed a disaster preparation and relief team on our Peredo campus. The following are excerpts from the aftermath reports of the most recent extreme weather: 

The Peredo Community Hospital experienced flooding. Our staff noticed improper draining on the roof of the hospital, causing a significant amount of rainwater on the roof before being drained away. Also, the river bed called Crépin, which passes not far from the hospital, experienced extreme flooding with shifting of the rocks. This caused the road leading to the Hospital to be completely cut off. Due to this, we experienced a decrease in hospital attendance.” 

“Two of our Peredo campus staff were injured in the storm. Miss Jacqueline was swept away by the waters as she was going to her workstation, and the hospital receptionist was injured in her home as it was flooded. Our Director of the Peredo School and the Laboratory Technician experienced flooding in their homes and lost everything.”

“In Grand Bois, due to problems with the roof of the building and the geographical position and location of the School, many documents and educational materials were washed away by water.”

“There were a significant number of victims of the storm whose homes were destroyed, damaged, and completely flooded. Leaving people displaced and required to relocate to a new area.”

In the middle of an already devastating situation in the country and lack of resources due to the supply chain being cut off by the gangs, our brothers and sisters need our support during this time. Through your support, YOU are being a Light in a time when our brothers and sisters in Haiti are feeling invisible. The Lord always blesses us so we may be a blessing in return. This is one way to give hope to those who are in desperate need of it during this upcoming holiday season.  

Click on the “GIVE” tab below and make a RECURRING donation to our DISASTER RELIEF fund. 100% of ALL gifts given to our disaster relief funds go DIRECTLY on the ground in Haiti where needed MOST. 

When you give to disaster relief these are some of where you are helping bring hope through rebuilding the communities we serve: 

  • Fuel for machinery needed to remove the large deposits of rock and boulder preventing people from reaching the schools, church, and hospital.
  • Assistance for those whose homes were damaged/destroyed.
  • Food for the communities already in dire need.

Thank you for your support, prayers, and generosity! Together, we can do something in Haiti that will last!

All for His Glory, 

Megan Schreiber, Executive Director