Life Saving Surgeries in Peredo Haiti

What do you do in the United Stated when you have a medical condition, which requires surgery? If it’s a planned surgery, you’re typically referred to a specialist who is able to schedule surgery in a professional facility after consultation. If it’s an emergency surgery you’re quickly taken to a fully staffed and resourced hospital with doctors and nurses waiting to perform the necessary procedure in a moments notice.

In Haiti, medical conditions can often times turn critical because of the lack of medical facilities, professionals, finances, and transportation. Peredo Community Hospital is bridging the gap to many of these issues by providing quality and compassionate health care throughout SE Haiti. In 2020, doctors at PCH performed 364 surgeries. Some surgeries are routine while others are life saving.

Earlier this year, PCH doctors performed the most extensive surgery the hospital has seen since opening as a small clinic in 2012. The patient came to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. After further consultation and testing it was discovered he needed emergency surgery. The surgery was very serious as doctors discovered a perforated stomach but also blockage in the intestines and colon.

We praise God for our gifted team of doctors and nurses who were able to care for the patient in his critical time of need. We praise God for the resources available through the hospital, which allowed the surgery to take place. Things like equipment, tools, and even electricity and clean water. These are not always available to hospitals in Haiti. It is through these professionals and resources that the patient was able to fully recover from surgery and find comfort and healing.

Peredo Community Hospital is a beacon of hope for thousands of people in SE Haiti because they know they can get help and they can get answers, through quality and compassionate care.

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