Love in Action Part 2 – The Equation

HCO + Monticello Christian Church + Kirby Medical Center + FAME = Love in Action

Romans 12:9-13 NIV has a heading of LOVE IN ACTION. These verses are being lived out in the equation above. The verses speak of the necessity of love to be sincere while remaining devoted to one another in love, honoring one another above oneself. They tell us despite evil, we must cling to what is good, without lack of zeal. This passage urges us to keep our spiritual intensity for God, be joyful in hope, faithful in prayer, to share with those who are in need, and practice hospitality.

February of 2022, Haitian Christian Outreach was graciously asked to come visit Monticello Christian Church in Illinois by the pastor, Jerry Dusenberry. During that visit, the US Director of HCO, Megan Schreiber, and the COO of Kirby Medical Center, Mark Fred, were introduced. Through brief discussion Mr. Fred expressed his passion for Haiti and the healthcare being provided by the Peredo Community Hospital. With continued correspondences, Mr. Fred expressed the opportunity Kirby Medical Center had to donate equipment to Peredo Community Hospital! This month, with the help of a long-time partner in missions, FAME, we were able to pick up donated equipment including an ultrasound machine, digital x-ray machine, and a set of surgical lights. These items are life saving in a country like Haiti.

Based on Romans, this is another way this equation can be written: HCO (Spiritual Fervor for God) + Monticello CC (Faithful in Prayer) + Kirby Medical Center (Share with Those in Need) + FAME (Practice Hospitality) = Love in Action and providing joy through the Hope in Jesus Christ!

Just as there are many parts to the Body of Christ and not one can sustain without the other, it is the same in ministry, healthcare, and community. We praise God for the connections He has made amongst those who all acted as a specific part of the Body of Christ, in this equation, to make it possible to obtain the equipment that we get to use to spread the Gospel! We thank everyone who was part of this equation that makes it possible for us to continue to do something in Haiti that lasts!

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Loren C Roberts

February 21, 2023

PTL 🙏🏼😘