God’s Faithfulness Through Health Care in Haiti

Despite the country’s current situation in Haiti, Peredo Community Hospital continues to serve the community 24/7.   

If you ask both Ro and Eline, they never would have thought that a hospital would have been in God’s plan for their mission and calling in Haiti. They went from doing traveling medical clinics, to a small clinic in Peredo in 2012, the first baby being born in 2013, the first surgical suite in 2019, to now one of the largest hospitals in the southeast region of Haiti. Our location in the community of Peredo, the southeast region of Haiti, is near over 1 million underserved Haitians. Many patients walk long distances, some over 4 hours, to receive care from our compassionate and well-equipped staff. We have grown to almost 40 Haitian medical professionals staffing the hospital. There has been miracle after miracle that God has performed through our heroes on the ground in first our clinic and now multi-speciality hospital. From thousands of consults, hundreds of babies being born safely, to the numerous life saving surgeries, God has continued to be faithful. 

This would not have happened without Ro and Eline’s obedience to Christ nor without the obedience of you, our partners, to give generously! We praise God for the countless miracles performed at Peredo Community Hospital! We praise God for the AMAZING medical professionals He has placed in our hospital and His love and compassion our heroes share to each patient that comes through the door! God has continued to exceed our expectations throughout the years through our donors and partners and so we praise Him for each of you! Your commitment, dedication and financial support provides salaries for our hospital staff, medical supplies and medications for these miracles to happen! As always, thank you for helping us to do something in Haiti that will last! 

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