Meet Madison, Director of Health Care Partnerships

We are excited to introduce Madison West, Haitian Christian Outreach’s new Director of Health Care Partnerships! Madison has a dual Master’s in Nursing Administration and Business Administration and was previously a Nursing Manager at Genesis Healthcare in Zanesville, Ohio but most importantly she has a servants heart and a passion for the work God is doing in Haiti.

I first met Megan, Haitian Christian Outreach’s U.S. Director, in April of 2021. When I met her, she discussed HCO with such passion and love that I knew I had to look further into the ministry. My heart has always been for serving, as at that time I was working in my local hospital as a nursing manager. After hearing Megan talk about HCO, I knew something had to change. I prayed about what it was that God wanted. God was leading me to missions. I then discussed this with Megan. Little did I know, just the day before I reached out to her, Megan had discussed with the board about bringing another full-time person on, with that person having a medical background. It is always amazing to see God’s timing. I knew I had to listen to Him, even if this was going to be a big change.

In June 2021, I travelled to Haiti with HCO for the first time. I was blessed to have a great team to travel with. I instantly fell in love with Haiti and its people. I was able to participate in a mobile medical clinic, help organize hospital supplies, play with kids, practice my Haitian Creole, and even learn a Haitian song and dance. I also prayed, A LOT. Even though this was what I wanted, I had to be sure this was what He wanted. One night, during devotions we each had to choose a verse from Psalms. While deciding which Psalm spoke to me, I happened to turn to Psalm 143 and the first verse I saw showed me that I should not be afraid, but should lean on Him and follow His path. Psalm 143:8 “Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.” God was truly showing me what path He wanted me on. While talking to Megan, she stated God seemed to be telling her the same thing.

Some of Madison’s goals for HCO include: getting more equipment for Peredo Community Hospital, creating a materials management system, implementing more mobile medical clinics, and growing the child sponsorship program.

I have a lot of hopes for HCO, but as always, we must recognize that we need to follow His timing. I look forward to doing His work, and to getting to know all of you!

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October 15, 2021

Adding Madison to my HCO prayer list??

Crol Remington

October 16, 2021

Welcome to HCO Madison, and will pray for your guidance reaching the goals youbhave set for God’s work there. God bless…