Pastor Oxy

If you happen to pull up to the school at Grand Bois, you will be blessed if the shortest man on the mountain, Pastor Oxy, greets you as you get out of your vehicle! Standing all of a mere 5 feet tall, if that, Oxy has been the heart and soul of the ministry in Grand Bois since its beginning. Without any formal education, he carries the title of ‘pastor’ because of his deep love of God and the people. Pastor Oxy has been one of the driving forces behind the church in Grand Bois and Kapotyer.

Living in the little village of Berry, which is about half way between Kapotyer and Grand Bois, Oxy has always had a smile on his face, even with only four or five teeth in his mouth. He walks miles and miles to share the love of Jesus with all he meets, and he loves the people of this area with an infectious attitude. At just 58 years old Pastor Oxy is small in stature, with hands and body worn by a lifetime of farming potatoes, corn, and beans. But his heart is huge, and it is clear he has the spirit of God upon him.

‘Salt of the earth’ would be a great way to describe Oxy. Married for 36 years, Oxy says, “We keep going because God’s reward is in Heaven!” You can often find Madam Oxy fixing lunch for the 350 or school kids at Grand Bois.

With his classic ornery but genuine smile, Oxy proclaims that after God is RoRo and Cameron – his way of expressing how much he appreciates these men who lead HCO, both in Haiti and the US. Above all, Oxy is very certain that “Without God, there is nothing!” It is truly humbling to be ministry partners and friends with this God-loving man on the mountain, Pastor Oxy.