Pastors from our eight Emmanuel Christian Churches gathered in Peredo for a day of reflection. All of the pastors are mentored firsthand under Pastor RoRo to go into their communities and share the light of Christ. We are so thankful for their godly example and faithful commitment to the Gospel! During this unstable time in Haiti, the pastors have been doing door-to-door evangelism as they check in on the people of their communities. 

Even in a time of unrest and the country being held hostage, GOD IS STILL MOVING. Our pastors are witnessing God’s Goodness firsthand as they continue to stand up and share the Good News that brings brothers and sisters to Christ. The world needs more men and women to stand up for the Gospel, no matter the cost. Continue to pray for these men and the work that is before them.

Let’s come together and Pray for the Emmanuel Christian Church Pastors and leaders who are evangelizing, equipping, empowering, and encouraging their church bodies, communities, and the next generation of leaders. Pray for wisdom over the leadership,  for safety, security, and the restoration of Haiti.

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Loren C Roberts

July 15, 2022

Yes, I do pray every morning for the Church in Haiti, it’s leaders and that Christ’s Church in Haiti will reach thousands including the gangs, turning them into street preachers.