Seguin Feast of the Harvest 2021

The Seguin Feast of the Harvest is a tradition that started very early in the history of the church after Pastor RoRo preached a series on stewardship and bringing your first fruits to the feet of Jesus! This is no simple gathering but a true celebration of worship, praise, and giving. There is cheerful singing, energetic dancing, bold preaching, and a beautiful act of worship through the giving of fruits and vegetables from personal gardens.

Hundreds of men, women, and children, young and old filled the church, inside and out, to join in the celebration, which lasted for hours. After the service of celebration, all of the produce was distributed to the church members who were the least fortunate this year. They will share the rest with the poorest people in the village.

The Seguin Feast of the Harvest is a perfect reminder of God’s faithfulness and a beautiful picture of how the Church carries out His mission of love.

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Carol Remington

February 9, 2021

Wonderful celebration of the provisions God has entrusted to the Christians there. The many blessings provided by our heavenly father. God bless!!