Only a Glimpse of Haiti

We are absolutely thrilled when individuals can come to Haiti to see, touch, taste, hear, and smell all the beauty. We can talk about Haiti, post pictures, and even write about what God is doing, but until you actually set foot onto the rich soil of this mountainous country, you’re only getting a glimpse.

Our hearts have been heavy over the last year as our short-term trips have had to be cancelled due to civil unrest and the pandemic. We desperately miss the energy and excitement these groups bring to our campus in Peredo and the surrounding communities. It is a gift from God when someone comes to Haiti for the first time, the look in their eyes when they finally see what they have been hearing about for so long. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Haitian Christian Outreach was recently blessed with being able to host our first short-term group in almost a year. The small group from Ohio worked on preparing the roof to be poured on the second story of the surgical wing at Peredo Community Hospital. Mary, a member from the team, has been devoted to Haiti for many years but had never been on a short-term trip, until now! Hear from Mary about her experience and get a glimpse of the beauty.

I was blessed a couple weeks ago to travel to Haiti for the first time. Almost every winter for the past thirteen years my husband, Jon, has gone to Haiti. I have seen lots of pictures and heard countless stories about his trips to Haiti over the years, so I felt I had a good idea of what to expect going into my first trip. But, until I was able to use all my senses and take it in for myself, pictures and stories gave me only a glimpse. By the end of my first day in Haiti, I realized why Jon had fallen in love with this place and the people.

We landed in Port and then flew in a small plane over the mountains to Jacmel. During the flight I was amazed at the beauty of the island with the mountains, valleys, trees, and ocean. At Peredo, I finally got to see the clinic, hospital, surgery center, schools, and church that are all part of the complex. It blew my mind to think that not too many years ago this land was just bare ground, transformed into an oasis of hope for the Haitian people. God’s hand so evident!

I enjoyed finally meeting so many of the people Jon has built relationships with over the years; such beautiful people. Everyone was so accommodating and friendly and loving. I immediately realized the language barrier frustrated me when I wanted so much to talk with people, and I have made it my goal to learn a bit of Creole before I visit again.

As a nurse, a big highlight for me was seeing the surgeries. What a blessing the surgical center and clinic are for the whole region. They are doing amazing things! It was thrilling to see the facility in action that so many people have been a part of building and making a reality. God is so good!

My week in Haiti has been life changing for me. I am amazed at what God is doing through RoRo and Eline because of their faithfulness to His calling for their life: their story is inspiring. The things God is doing through them and HCO is so needed for the Haitian people, physically and most importantly spiritually. I feel blessed beyond measure to have had this opportunity to experience what Jon has grown to love over the years. And if God gives me the opportunity to go again, I will be there!

We pray God would bring peace and healing to the Haitian people and we look forward to the day when more teams can come into the country to see the evidence of God’s hand.

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