World Humanitarian Day – 2022

Today is World Humanitarian Day, celebrated on August 19th each year since 2003. This day is typically dedicated to those aid workers who respectfully put their lives on the line to bring relief to those in times of crisis and those who have dedicated their lives to serving others through humanitarian causes. 

On this day, Haitian Christian Outreach would like to take the opportunity to recognize ALL our Haitian humanitarian heroes on the ground who have worked non stop through crisis upon crisis to serve their communities throughout the last year. 

We celebrate the pastor whose faith is not weakened by the circumstances around them but is strengthened by the Hope in what is promised by our Faithful Father. We celebrate the pastors who continue to profess this Hope and spread the Gospel, door to door, on WhatsApp, through Facebook Live, and other platforms when church members are afraid to leave their homes. 

We celebrate the teachers and principals who even in times of continuous shut down, with lack of first world technology, still managed to help their students pass the national tests. Teachers who understand the value of an education is a life saving opportunity in Haiti during this time when gangs are enticing school age kids to exchange their books for guns. Principals who did all they could to keep their students safe, only to shut down the school indefinitely due to gunfire penetrating the building. 

We celebrate the medical professionals, support staff and administration of hospitals that make it to work each day through gang check points, walking through armed roadblocks, carpooling for safety and to share fuel. Each day they go to work in a hospital with minimal resources, serving their communities as best they can with what they have. Doctors and nurses and administration who count heads each morning after walking though a gauntlet of armed gang members and then call each other to make sure all returned home at the end of the day. Medical professionals who leave everything and move to old school buildings or churches to set up clinics because their facility has been forced to close due to insecurity, but they refuse to give up. 

We celebrate those individuals and organizations on the ground who have broken down their own borders to come together to share basic resources. Groups and organizations creatively determining means to care for their communities in the short term all while creating long term plans to strengthen the future. 

World Humanitarian Day is a once a year holiday created by a global organization. Each year this is a day that is set aside to raise awareness that people affected by crisis have a right to dignity, a right to basic needs, well-being, and a right to not just survive but to thrive.  As crisis has become a state of being in Haiti, Haitian Christian Outreach will celebrate daily those who are on the ground striving to bring about physical, spiritual, and intellectual well-being in their communities. Those who have been fighting the good fight not just in the last year, but the last two, three, and so on. We will daily lift our hands in celebration for those who are doing something in Haiti that will lasts! 

Here is how you can celebrate with us: Visit, click the GIVE NOW tab and make a RECURRING donation to our DISASTER RELIEF fund. 

Acts 2:45-47 “They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”