RoRo and Eline’s 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

When a couple’s marriage is built on a firm foundation of Christ and is used as a ministry for God, it is evident to those closest to them, including their children. Many times RoRo and Eline have recalled life events in which the ministry had shaped their lives as a married couple and the lives of their children. Just within the last few years, I have had the opportunity to start to learn first hand from their children what it meant to them to witness their parents leading the ministry while being Mom and Dad. 

Their oldest, Kim, shares her passion for medicine came from being a translator for the earliest medical teams when she was young. Kim’s observation of her parent’s dedication to their promise to God and to each other has made quite the impact on her heart.


“Our mom told us once that Dad is the head of the family, but she sure is the neck! Throughout the years, we have seen this to be so true. My dad has led the mission and our family with assertiveness and humility, always reminding us where he comes from. With our every accomplishment, Dad always makes it a point to remind us how far God has brought him and blessed him with opportunities to provide a life for us that has allowed us to chase our dreams.

Mom has been our anchor. Our rock. We always say that Mom’s prayers have carried us through different chapters of our lives. We truly believe that there is nothing stronger than a mother’s prayer. Together, they have been our shining example of a true partnership, patience, loyalty and unwavering love. We can only hope and pray that we get to experience the type of friendship and love that they have shared over the last 40 years.”

In honor of RoRo and Eline’s 40th wedding anniversary, their kids threw them a beautiful celebration! They spent the evening with their three children and grandchildren for a night to remember!

On behalf of Ro and Eline, we would like to say a BIG thank you for your continuous generosity and support. Together, they are doing something in Haiti that will last.