Evangelize. Equip. Empower. Encourage.

Partnering with Haitian Christians to transform a culture for Christ.

Educating children is doing something for Haiti that will last. Each month, Every Child sponsors partner with RoRo and our school teachers in planting hope and growing leaders. Our emphasis in August is Planting Hope 2016 – Join us in reaching our goal of 100 Every Child sponsors this month!


Haitian Christian Outreach is partnering with Haitian Christians to transform a culture for Christ. Together, we can do something for Haiti that will last!

We’re equipping Haitian leaders. By the power of the Holy Spirit, the church is alive and well in Haiti. Leaders are being trained, people are coming to faith, ministry is expanding, and God is at work.

We’re meeting educational, spiritual, and physical needs of Every Child. Emmanuel Christian Schools provide excellent educational and spiritual training. Because of your partnership, we are able to educate nearly 2,000 children daily.

We’re partnering to build better health care solutions. Health care continues to be a tremendous need in Haiti. Peredo Community Hospital is helping meet those needs in Southeast Haiti.

We’re breathing new life into communities through business development opportunities: Compressed Earth Block (CEB) manufacturing and Poultry Production