2017 Annual Report

We always enjoy an opportunity to pause and reflect on God’s many kindnesses to HCO, to celebrate all He has done through us, and look for opportunities to improve for the future. Looking back at 2017, we can see several areas of growth!

  • Baptisms increased by 62, for a total of 158!
  • Church attendance increased by 735, for a total of 1,685!
  • We launched the church in Belle Anse – our 11th congregation!
  • PCH patients increased by 1,400, for a total of 5,000!
  • 50 babies were born at the hospital!
  • We were able to relaunch our poultry project!
  • The roof was poured on Phase II of the hospital!
  • 100% of our students passed the national exams!
  • Marcus became Peredo Campus Manager as he, Arin and the boys moved to Haiti!

In Haiti, economic conditions continue to decline and inflation continues to rise, making it harder to stretch each ministry dollar. God in His abundant faithfulness continues to provide for our needs through the generosity of His people. We are trusting He will do more than we can possibly imagine in 2018!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Click the link to download a printable copy of our 2017 Annual Report. Or you can view the report in the images below.