Comfort When a Daughter Passes Away

How much is a smile, hug, or prayer worth?

I am sure it is worth more when it comes from a friend or pastor in the moment of sincere need. As we traveled along the road to Seguin and Grand Bois in April, RoRo stopped the Land Cruiser and rolled down his window to talk to one of our church members from Seguin.


He learned quickly that a young lady in the community had just passed away. She was only 18 years old. She had gotten sick and passed before getting medical help. A few miles down the road, we passed the funeral procession. It was a somber moment for all of us in the truck. Most of us had children and could never imagine losing one to illness.

RoRo knew the family and talked about them on our way to visit our schools and churches. A few hours later, after having a great visit with our school children, we traveled the same road on our way back to Peredo. As we bounced along over the rocks and tumbled towards the ocean, RoRo quickly stopped the vehicle and walked up a path towards a man.

Roro placed his pastoral hands on the gentleman’s shoulders and started to counsel him. It was the young lady’s father. Roro spent about 20 minutes pastoring, praying and encouraging this father who had lost his daughter at such a young age. He bestowed a lasting gift of compassion and love on him.

So, I ask again, “How much is this gift worth?”

To that father, I believe it meant more than any monetary gift. For RoRo to do what he needs to do to share these moments and be the pastor the people need him to be, it takes Lasting Gifts!

These are gifts from all of you that provide for our General Fund – trucks for transportation, tires for the trucks, and even RoRo’s salary. These gifts give RoRo and our staff the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ!

Could you join us by giving a Lasting Gift to our general fund? Click the button and choose “General Fund” in the first box.

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(A special thank you to Brad Pontius of Sherwood Oaks CC for the photos!)