Empower RoRo – Meet Daniel

Have you ever seen joy? That’s what I saw when I first met Daniel Karuah – a joy and love for life and ministry that was contagious. The first time I met Daniel, we were speeding along the road to an abandoned clinic and exploring a new opportunity for an outreach of Peredo Community Hospital. When he jumped in the back of the Land Cruiser, he was talking a mile a minute and had the biggest smile I had ever seen in Haiti. The most exciting part was his passion for ministry!

As Daniel translated for teams this summer during VBS and other ministry, his heart for the people and the connection with our teams was something I had seen in only one other person, RoRo Eustache. As I spoke to our Haitian friends, they truly loved him and his spirit which was exciting to for me to hear. As I spoke to our American teams, I heard nothing but great enthusiasm for Daniel. In fact, one person told me: “He’s one cool dude!”

So, as ministry grows in Haiti, RoRo and Eline have been stretched to capacity and beyond. We have made a strategic step forward by adding Daniel Karuah to our Haiti staff team. Daniel is Kenyan by birth and Haitian in heart. He has been in Haiti for the last four years and is married to Nahomie, a native of Jacmel. He is a Bible college graduate and has served with Life in Abundance in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti before moving to Haiti.

We have known Daniel since his arrival in Haiti and have been excited to see God plant him permanently in Haiti. He is extremely gifted in ministry and community development, both in talent and in spirit. We have stepped out in prayer and faith, and we are excited to have Daniel serving as the right-hand to RoRo and Eline as our Ministry Coordinator. We are trusting that we have followed God’s clear lead, and – out of His glorious riches – He will provide the $16,000 needed to cover Daniel’s salary.

Would you join us in praying for Daniel as he begins this new season of ministry and service?

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by Cameron Mayhill
US Director