PRAY FOR HAITI – December 2017

Pray With Us – December 2017

Glory to you, God, in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom Your favor rests. (Luke 2:14)

Praise God for two great conferences. We had great interest in the mission at both the Global Missions Health Conference and the International Conference on Missions this year! And our team had a great time of encouragement, planning, and spending time together!

Praise God for 2018 teams planning that we accomplished while Ro and Eline were in the States. Many exciting projects and relationships are in store for the coming year!

Praise God for the increased funding for Marcus and Arin Corn. There were several new partners that stepped up recently, and we are making plans for their move to Haiti in January 2018 to serve as the Peredo Campus Manager.

Praise God for additional team members in Haiti. We hope you have read about Daniel Karuah in our New Opportunities update. We look forward to introducing others in the coming months!

Praise God that construction is starting again on the Phase II of Peredo Community Hospital in December. We thank God for the funds to get this project moving again.

Praise God for our capable, caring medical staff. We are grateful for the team and facilities God has provided that allow PCH to minister to the people of SE Haiti.

Praise God for the commitment by donors to purchase a boat for HCO to use in outreach to the SE Haiti. We anticipate having the funds in hand by the end of the year to purchase the boat in January.

Lord, out of your glorious riches, please strengthen us with power through Your Spirit, so that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith. (Eph. 3:16-17)

Pray for the revitalization of the church in Port-au-Prince. RoRo will be kicking off the endeavor on December 10. Please pray for deepened faith, emboldened evangelism, and authentic growth as the church transitions to a new phase of ministry.

Pray for Marcus and Arin and their boys, Maverick and Pierson, as they make the final preparations to move to Haiti in January. Pray for a peace that passes all understanding as they say goodbye to friends/family and for a great beginning to their new ministry endeavors!

Pray for RoRo as he travels to Haiti on December 9 to relaunch the church in Port-au- Prince, restart construction in Peredo, and push to get the dump truck out of customs.

Pray for the community of Anse a Boeuf and the mission as we determine how to best help them with their need for clean water and other ongoing issues.

Continue to ask God to prompt the customs officials to release the dump truck. We are specifically asking that God lead us to the person who will give the final release of the truck – that we will find favor with the officials, that the officials would find NO reason to delay the release, and that they will release the truck immediately.

Please join us in asking God that our donors will update their recurring donations in a timely manner so that we don’t lose any ministry ground due to lapsed donations. Everyone has to transition by December 31st!

Pray for our HCO Health Care Summit on January 19, 2018. RoRo and Dr. Gay will be traveling to Indianapolis to meet with our health care partners to cast vision and strategize for the future of the medical work in Peredo.

Pray for final funding needed in our year-end appeal items: to fund Daniel’s salary, to finish the Peredo school classrooms, and for the 13th month salaries, plus final funding for Phase II of Peredo Community Hospital.

And pray with us for Every Child this month: