New Opportunities!

Amazing. That is what 2017 has been for the mission! God is moving in big ways through our ministry and your partnership:

• Planting Emmanuel Christian Church of Belle Anse
• Many baptisms and lives changed for the Kingdom
• Tremendous steps towards finishing Phase II of Peredo Community Hospital
• Relaunching our poultry program
• Nearly 100% of our students passing national exams & top rankings for our schools
• Several great, effective teams that came to serve with our Haitian staff

Words cannot fully express our gratitude for God’s blessings, for your prayers, and for your support. As we pause to celebrate and give thanksgiving to God, we also look ahead to where God is leading Haitian Christian Outreach in the coming months. And we are very excited about the opportunities!

Empower RoRo with staff in Haiti – Daniel Karuah
As ministry grows and changes in Haiti, RoRo and Eline have been stretched to capacity and beyond. For the future of the mission, we have made a strategic step forward by adding Daniel Karuah to our Haiti staff team. Daniel is from Kenya and has lived in Haiti for the last four years. He is a Bible college graduate and has served with Life in Abundance in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti before moving to Haiti. He is married to Nahomie, a native of Jacmel, Haiti. We have known Daniel since his arrival in Haiti and have been excited to see God plant him permanently in Haiti. This past summer, he worked with our teams as a translator since he is fluent in Creole, English, and Swahili. Everyone who has spent time with Daniel is impressed with his skills, personality, and love for God. His gifts for ministry and community development go much deeper, we are excited to have him serve as the right-hand to RoRo and Eline as our Ministry Coordinator. We are trusting God to provide $16,000 to cover his salary!

Learn more about Daniel and how this new role will expand ministry & bless RoRo and Eline!

Educate our students with excellence – Finish the Peredo Classrooms
This summer, RoRo spent seven weeks at Camp Allendale raising almost $20,000 to finish the three classroom buildings in Peredo, which includes stucco, paint, windows, doors, and tile. We have had an additional $5,000 given by a church partner since the summer. To finish these classrooms, we need an additional $10,000 to provide the 225 children and 10 school staff members with a great school facility!

Learn more about our students and their 2016-2017 year-end celebration!

Encourage our hospital staff – 13th Month Salaries
As we come into December, Haiti’s employment laws require us to pay our hospital staff one additional month of pay for the year. It is what we call the 13th month salary. Our hospital staff has done a tremendous job with adding 24/7 labor/delivery as well as the many other services they provide. From treating the young man who fell out of a coconut tree to the mamas having babies, the hospital truly represents the holistic nature of God’s ministry in Peredo and SE Haiti. At the present time, the cost per patient seen at the hospital is right around $20 per visit which is provided by our faithful partners in the US. The total cost for the 13th month salary for our hospital staff is $8,500.

Learn more about our hospital staff and a recent patient who fell out of a coconut tree!

Could you partner with us by giving a gift of $25, $50, $100 or $500 to do something for Haiti that will last in one of these areas? Click here to give now or use the link below to give: 

Thank you for your consideration of how you can help us and for all of the gifts you have blessed us with this past year!

“Your generosity [has resulted] in thanksgiving to God!” (2 Cor. 9:11)


When these projects are 100% funded, any additional gifts received over the needed amounts will be used for similar projects.