Educate Students – Finish Peredo Classrooms

At the end of school in June 2016, I was able to celebrate with the teachers and students in a grand celebration in our church building in Peredo. It was fun to see their excitement of another year finished and to see the children excited about the summer. At that very same moment, RoRo was spending seven weeks of his summer at Camp Allendale (Trafalgar, IN) raising funds to finish the three classroom buildings on campus in Peredo. As the campers raised funds, RoRo taught American students what Haiti and the ministry of HCO is all about!

It was a fun summer to see the kids grow through VBS programs in Peredo and for Ro to raise almost $20,000 to finish the buildings, which includes stucco, paint, windows, doors, and tile for the three buildings that sit facing the three dorms on campus. The finalization of these classrooms means a much better environment for our students and teachers in this vital ministry!

I can’t wait to see the looks on Genio, Gerard, Junior, Youvika and all of the other student’s faces when they see the finished classrooms! As RoRo came back from camp and the students prepared to head back to school, we had an additional $5,000 given by a church partner for this project.

Inflation has been high and construction materials are expensive in Haiti. But, we are finally just $10,000 away from being able to finish these classrooms and provide the 225 children and 10 school staff members with a great school facility!

Would you pray for our construction workers, students, and teachers as they prepare for the completion of this big project?

Would you partner with us financially to help finish the Peredo Classrooms? Click here to give now or use the link below to give: 

by Cameron Mayhill
US Director