Haitian Educators Are “Doing Something In Haiti That Will Last” Through The Next Generation!

The ‘22-’23 school year started extremely late in January of 2023. Leaving our students, teachers, and staff fearful of what school would look like. For teachers and staff, it looked like being fearful of if they would be able to provide and feed their families. 

We are doing everything we can to keep our school doors open (always keeping safety in mind). We have some amazing educators in our schools that are obeying the Lord’s calling, which is the reason we are able to keep our doors open. We are able to continue educating and showing the love of Jesus to each student that walks through those doors. Without our teachers, we would not have the opportunity to do something in Haiti that will last through the next generation of Kingdom workers! 

Our teachers have been through so much insecurity this school year coupled with the disruption of the previous two school years. We believe that this year especially, we need to show them love by encouraging and supporting them this teachers appreciation day. Can you help us do that? Through your support of our classroom sponsorship program YOU CAN HELP do something in Haiti that WILL LAST! By “taking a seat”, you are giving the children in our schools the opportunity to get a quality, Christ-centered education. Your sponsorship helps to cover teacher salaries, education curriculum, a hot meal daily (see below for additional info regarding additional cost of meals due to inflation) for each student, and access to health care through Peredo Community Hospital, school materials, and more. 

Here are some additional ways you can show love and support to our amazing, committed teachers and their students: 

  1. Our schools need new chalkboards, trash cans, and curtains to keep the sun out. Not only are these used for lessons, but as barriers to separate classrooms.
    • $2,000.00 will provide chalkboards for one school, classes Pre-K through 6th grade!
    • $1,000.00 will help purchase trash cans for each of the 62 the classrooms 
    • $1,000.00 will assist in purchasing fabric for curtains to be made by local seamstresses. 
  2. We are working with local farmers, fishermen, and chicken farmers to purchase produce, proteins (fish, eggs, chicken), and supplies needed to make the meals each day. Charcoal for the cooking fires, spices, vegetables, rice, beans, fish/eggs/chicken, cooking oil are all being purchased locally. With inflation at 53% and rising, it costs approximately $10.00 per day per student for a meal, compared to recent studies showing school meals here in the States, on average, are half the cost. Here is how you can help:
    • $200.00 will purchase one 55 pound bag of rice, one 50 pound bag of beans, one gallon of cooking oil, one gallon of propane, one box of bouillon, salmon, and spaghetti
    • $300.00 will purchase new cooking bowls, pots, and utensils for one school. All of our school cooking supplies need to be replaced!

Click HERE to take a seat in our classroom or to assist with the needs listed above! 

THIS IS THE SUPERINTENDENT OF OUR SCHOOLS! He came to work with us after hearing about the care that Peredo Community Hospital was providing!