Haitian Nurses DOING SOMETHING IN HAITI THAT WILL LAST Through Peredo Community Hospital

We have sixteen nurses at Peredo Community Hospital that are being the hands and feet of Jesus to each and every patient that is walking through our doors! Through health care, we have the opportunity to share Jesus with complete strangers. There are people traveling hours upon hours, under distress, to receive health care from our hospital. 

We would love for you to hear from Ms. Jules, one of our nurses at PCH. As you watch THIS VIDEO HERE you can feel her love and compassion for what she gets to do every day! 

How can you help? PCH runs completely on monetary donations, here are some ways that you can help: 


-Serves these nurses in a country where there are only 2 doctors per 10,000 patients. -This number is quickly dwindling as many are fleeing the insecurity and inflation which prevents them from providing for their families, despite their fulltime positions. In comparison, according to a report from The World Health Organization (WHO), on average, the US has 35.5 doctors per 10,000 patients.


– Allows the hospital to purchase the medication and supplies needed to treat the patients they serve. While it is our goal to purchase as much as possible in Haiti, there are fewer items available, especially anesthesia medications and antibiotics. These require being shipped in from the US or other locations and then transported by air to our hospital, making the purchase of medications almost triple the amount. 

IN HONOR OF NURSE’S DAY ON MAY 6th,  will you show support and serve our nurses in this way? Be the FIRST to CLICK HERE to give to the HEATH CARE FUND!

100% of your gift serves in Haiti!