Doctors Making a Difference in Haiti

1 soon to be mother 

9 months pregnant and several hours into a difficult labor

2 hours on a moto (small motorcycle) down the mountain to the nearest hospital

3 people on the moto with the laboring mother in the middle for protection

>200 for a systolic blood pressure (top number), sending mom into eclampsia (seizures) causing her to bite her tongue

2 patients (mom and baby) in a life-threatening scenario and mom now needs a blood transfusion

0 capability to provide a transfusion in the entire Southeast of the country 

1 amazing team of medical professionals of the Peredo Community Hospital, working quickly to stabilize mom for transport

365 days a year, the unbelievable crew of the Haiti Air Ambulance are on a mission to assist patients like mom and her unborn baby.  Once again it is hope they bring when they land on the Peredo campus soccer field

25 minutes in the helicopter versus another 5 to 6 hours on the road in order to get mom to a facility that can provide all the care she needs

2 people covering mom and baby in prayer. Ro and Eline watch as the helicopter lifts off

11.2 million people watch as the healthcare system in Haiti collapses, as many institutes before it 

1000’s of medical professionals have fled the country in the last year due to insecurity, 48% inflation, lack of resources and more

100’s more are in the process of following in their footsteps

10 Peredo Community Hospital doctors have jobs, but cannot provide for their families due to inflation, $10/gallon fuel, and food prices 3-4x’s their typical amount

$30.00 per month recurring gift serves these doctors in a country where there are only two doctors per 10,000 patients

$50.00 per month as a recurring gift allows the hospital to purchase the medication and supplies needed to treat the patients they serve

_______ number of people willing to commit to serve our doctors in this way on March 30th, Doctor Appreciation Day. Will you be the first? Click here to give to the health care fund.