NEW Classroom Sponsorship – Luke 18:16

“But Jesus called the children to Him and said, ” Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these”. Luke 18:16

Luke 18:16 is the foundation of our education portion here at Haitian Christian Outreach. We are striving to educate, equip, encourage, and raise up the next generation of leaders and Kingdom workers. It is our hope that each child that goes through our schools, not only gets a high quality education, but most importantly knows the love and light of the Lord. They are living in a hopeless and unstable world with an unknown future, but with the hope that they have in Jesus, we pray they find hope in His promises of what is to come! 

Because of your prayers, support, and generosity, we are able to do just as we are all called to in Luke 18:16. God has placed a calling on not only our ministry, but in your lives too. We understand there are a number of child sponsorship organizations that you could choose to be part of, so first and foremost, please allow us to say thank you for choosing to support the students of the Emmanuel Christian Schools through Haitian Christian Outreach! 

Even today, less than sixty percent of those who are of age actually attend school because of the financial hardship tuition places on the family. So, we thank you for supporting the intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs of the students in our schools! Your support does this through state required education, a warm meal daily, health care provided by our hospital and Bible teaching as part of the standard curriculum. 

It is our goal to ensure each of our 1600 students has the same opportunity to continue their education through secondary school. With the current individual student sponsorship structure, only a third of our students are being given this possibility. Therefore, after much prayer, thought, and consideration, we have decided to restructure our child sponsorship program. We will be moving from an individual student sponsorship to a classroom sponsorship model. With this new model, it is our hope that entire classrooms of children will have the same opportunities to further their education and break through the status quo of education completion in Haiti! Statistics show that of the small percentage of school age children attending school, only 60% continue on past the third grade. Of those students, only 30% continue past the sixth grade. WE WANT OUR SCHOOLS TO BREAK THIS CYCLE!

Not only do we see this structure as an opportunity to set new standards, but we see it as an opportunity to bring up groups of Christ-following, educated community leaders who have built strong relationships. As these classrooms graduate, it is our prayer that we are sending out groups of young leaders who have strong, solid faith foundations and the education background needed to help their community grow in stability. We feel as stewards of the gifts God is giving us, this is one of the best ways we can use the resources to glorify Him.

Just as in the individual sponsorship, you will follow your classroom throughout their school career! Unlike the individual sponsorship, your support will be helping an average of 17 instead of just one student. Each update you receive will be a photo of the entire class, any special projects they are working on, and any new training their teacher has been provided. By stewarding our resources in this way, we will be able to provide regular professional development opportunities for the teachers, which will ultimately benefit the students, their families, and communities!

So, will you now take a seat in our classroom?


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