Encourage Our Hospital Staff – Salaries

In October, I was called up to the hospital by RoRo to see and pray with a patient at Peredo Community Hospital (PCH). This young man had fallen 40 to 50 feet out of a coconut tree and had some major injuries to his hip and head areas. As the staff started treatment, I came up beside him and placed my hand on him to pray over him and to calm his fear. The medicine was going to deal with his pain at the moment. Our staff would stabilize him and treat his wounds. As I watched our staff care for this man, I thought of how far we had come as a medical ministry and the many steps (like digital X-ray) ahead of us that will bless the people in SE Haiti.

Our hospital staff has done a tremendous job this year, especially with adding 24/7 labor/delivery as well as the many other services they provide. From treating this young man who fell out of a coconut tree to helping the mamas having babies, the hospital truly represents the holistic nature of God’s ministry in Peredo and throughout SE Haiti. Each year, Haiti’s employment laws require us to pay our hospital staff one additional month of pay for the year. We call it the 13th month salary. We haven’t always been able to do this, and this year, we want to encourage our staff with the additional blessing of the 13th month salary.

At the present time, the cost per patient seen at the PCH is right around $20 per visit which is provided by our faithful partners in the US! In Haiti, with all of the issues surrounding government health care and the general need for improved, quality medical services, Peredo Community Hospital is providing a bright ray of hope in an excellent facility to those who need medical care. The total cost for the 13th month salary for our hospital staff is $8,500. We look forward to how God will provide the resources for this need!

Would you pray for our hospital staff as they treat patients, care for the sick, and deliver hope to those who are hurting physically?

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by Cameron Mayhill
US Director