PRAY FOR HAITI – January 2018

Pray With Us – January 2018

We praise You, Lord, because You are our ‘light and salvation’ and because light dwells with you. (Ps. 27:1, Dan. 2:22)

Praise God for a holiday break for our staff, filled with rest, time with family, and celebration of Jesus’ birth (and the Haitian New Year)!

Praise God for year-end generosity! We are still waiting on the final giving total to our New Opportunities appeal, but we have seen many generous gifts given in the last several weeks to what God is doing through HCO. 

Praise God Winter Teams. We have 8 large teams coming to serve with us between January 27 and the end of March. We look forward to all they will do and how they will all grow closer to Christ!

Praise God for the blessings of 2017! These are just some of the things we are grateful for:

  • Churches – Belle Anse revival & church launch, Pastor Jacqueline’s ordination, Jimmy’s baptism, Peredo Church Revival, many church baptisms, and so much more – Thank you, Lord, for bringing your hope and salvation to so many!
  • Children – 100% of our students passed national exams, our Port-au-Prince school was given top ranking, our teachers continued to do an excellent job, and our Every Child sponsors increased. Thank you, God, for your abundant blessings of education to Haiti’s future leaders!
  • Health Care – 2017 marked a milestone for Peredo Community Hospital as we began 24/7 birthing services! We’ve celebrated many healthy deliveries and seen our patient care grow through mobile medical outreaches, teams, and training opportunities. Thank you, Lord, for bringing health and hope to so many who are physically hurting!
  • Community Development – 2017 started with a huge project – pouring the roof of Phase II for Peredo Community Hospital! We also built a home for Gertha. And, we relaunched our poultry project! Thank you, God, for providing for your people through bricks, concrete, and chickens!
  • Staff, Teams, Interns – We had a terrific crew of teams and interns in 2017! And God blessed our staff – bringing us Marcus and Arin Corn to be Peredo Campus Managers. Becky has made huge improvements in our US office. Jennifer has taken on coordinating prayer and teams. RoRo, Eline, and Cameron have led the mission with great faith and wisdom. And we are blessed with a very active board, prayerfully guiding the work. Thank you, God, for bringing so many people together to do something for Haiti that will last!

Lord, may our lives be marked by prayerfulness as we learn to pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. (Eph. 6:18)

Continue to pray for the revitalization of the church in Port-au-Prince. RoRo preached there twice in December. Please pray for deepened faith, emboldened evangelism, and authentic growth as the church transitions to a new phase of ministry.

Pray for Marcus and Arin and their boys, Maverick and Pierson, as they make the final preparations to move to Haiti on January 9. Pray for a peace that passes all understanding as they say goodbye to friends/family, for smooth travel/moving, and for a great beginning to their new ministry endeavors!

Continue to ask God to prompt the customs officials to release the dump truck. We are specifically asking that God lead us to the person who will give the final release of the truck – that we will find favor with the officials, that the officials would find NO reason to delay the release, and that they will release the truck immediately.

Pray for the first-ever HCO Health Care Summit on January 19, 2018. RoRo, Dr. Gay, and Cameron will be traveling to Indianapolis to meet with our health care partners to cast vision and strategize for the future of the medical work in Peredo.

Please join us in asking God that all remaining donors will update their recurring donations in a timely manner so that we don’t lose any ministry ground due to lapsed donations. Our former system stopped processing existing recurring donations at the new year.

Pray for the final funding needed to complete Phase II of the hospital. The Triple Trek adventure missions team has raised over $44,000 toward final costs. We are nearly halfway to the full amount needed!

And pray with us for Every Child this month: