Haitian Food and Dishes: Celebrating Haitian Heritage Month

When you think of Haitian food what do you think of? Rice and beans? Let us assure you, there is MUCH more than rice and beans. 

Many of those who have visited our Peredo campus have had the full Haitian food experience. Our lovely cooks, with all their tasty and fresh ingredients, always include heaping cups of love and passion into each meal they make for any guest! 

In the hopes of passing these recipes along, maybe bringing back some memories of visits to the campus, or simply exploring your tastebuds, Madam Pas has put together a recipe book with a few of her favorite Haitian dishes! These are a few recipe’s she has enjoyed making over the years for her children and grandchildren, hosting family, friends, and guests in her home.

We want to encourage you to try one of these recipes AND share with us what you think!! Click HERE to download her free printable recipe book. 

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Let’s take a look at some of the most popular recipes in Haitian culture: 

Soup Joumou (Beef and Pumpkin Soup)

This warming beef and pumpkin soup is an important Haitian dish, traditionally cooked on January 1st in celebration of Haiti’s Independence Day. Click HERE to try this recipe!

Kasav (cassava bread)

In Haiti, cassava bread is less moist like bread and more dry like a cracker.

Usually eaten with peanut butter, preferably Haiti-made with a pepper punch is a symbol of national identity rooted in the country’s African and indigenous history that began long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Spaniards, before French buccaneers established a settlement on Île de la Tortue, the pirates’ lair off the country’s northwest coast, in 1625, and long before enslaved Africans rebelled to create the world’s first Black republic in 1804. READ MORE HERE.


Pikliz is every Haitians favorite condiment. A crunchy blend of cabbage and carrots makes this condiment the perfect side dish. Click HERE to try the recipe!

Celebrate Haitian Heritage month with us by trying one of Madam Pas’ recipes or one of these recipes above!