Legacy: The Next 35 Years

Legacy can be described as putting a stamp on the future, passing on lasting value, or contributing to future generations. Throughout the first 35 years of the Haitian Christian Outreach ministry, RoRo and Eline Eustache have been building this type of legacy; a legacy with God at the center and surrounding edges! Only made possible with the grace and resources God has provided through His faithful stewards, our partners. It is because of this legacy we recently gathered in Indianapolis with our partners, board, and staff to share in celebration of where Haitian Christian Outreach has been, where the ministry is today, and the next steps we hear God calling us to take in order to continue His legacy by expanding His Kingdom!

Accomplishments achieved in the first 35 years of ministry by the grace of God, the faithfulness of RoRo and Eline, and through the generosity of our partners: 

  • Since 1985, 11 Emmanuel Christian Churches planted
  • Over 2,000 decisions made for Christ just since 2012
  • Over 500 total students sponsored through the Every Child Sponsorship Program since 2017
  • The first Emmanuel Christian School was started in 1989 in Port-au-Prince
  • Since then the 6 Schools continue to grow in students, in reputation, and have even received the Laureate Award
  • The opening of Peredo Community Hospital, Pharmacy and Surgery Center, a multi-specialty facility including OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Emergency Medicine, Urology, General Surgery, Laboratory, and Radiology
  • Growth from 13 to 30 doctors, nurses, support staff, and administration
  • More than 25,000 patients seen at PCH since 2013 and over 350 babies born
  • Hundreds of short term team participants lives changed

As we commit to the Lord and bring glory to God through making disciples and the sustainability of our Haitian brothers and sisters, we will continue to align our vision with that of our mission: to do something for Haiti that will last. Our vision is not based on completing projects, but on creating opportunities for God’s word to be heard and love to be felt.

Opportunities for ministry over the next 1, 3, and 5 years:

  • Plant new churches
  • Grow current churches through the development of Pastors and leaders
  • Construct a new church building in Peredo
  • Transition the Peredo Campus to a church camp for the youth of the community and surrounding areas
  • Complete the Grand Bois school building and student profiles
  • See that 50% of our students are sponsored in the next three years
  • Hold teacher conferences on campus for professional development
  • Complete Phase II and Phase III of Peredo Community Hospital, which includes opening second OR and patient rooms and completing the 22-bed long term stay facility
  • Implement solar power to the entire hospital
  • Obtain and install a system to allow the hospital to make their own oxygen
  • Implement the Kids for Kids program which provides a goat to each family of children that attend Emmanuel Christian School in Peredo
  • Perform a needs assessment of communities in which we currently serve to help uncover specific needs and possible solutions we can assist in implementing

In order to manage the next steps God is asking Haitian Christian Outreach to take, we need a broader management structure. JoJo Jord joined our team in January as the new Associate Director of Operations in Haiti but has been involved in the mission since it’s birth. He and his wife Grace will be moving to Haiti this month where he will work closely with RoRo and Eline to oversee many of the day to day tasks in order to allow them to view and work on the mission from an elevated level, providing them the time needed for strategic planning for the future of the mission as a whole.

We also need willing hearts. The first 35 years of the mission would not have looked the same without partners whose hearts were faithfully willing to contribute to the legacy to do something for Haiti that will last. There are church buildings full of families, schools full of students and employed teachers, a hospital serving a population of over 500,000, and communities with clean water. Through these examples, people are coming to know the love of Christ! And that is the legacy that is being left behind, the legacy continuing to be built, and the legacy being carried forward. The legacy you are helping to create. So even if these church buildings fall, the schools crumble, the hospital no longer stands or no longer do people remember RoRo and Eline and Haitian Christian Outreach, the word of God will remain. That is the something in Haiti that will last, that is the legacy your partnership has created and will help pass on.

If you’d like to partner with Haitian Christian Outreach to continue the legacy for the next 35 years, visit our secure Giving Page on our website. We appreciate your support in doing something for Haiti that will last!