My Best Birthday Was Giving It Away

Over this past summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Haiti and work with Haitian Christian Outreach for the first time. This trip was truly life- changing for me.

When I was in Haiti I watched the Holy Spirit work in ways I had never imagined. I witnessed the beauty and simplicity of the country, but especially the beautiful hearts of the people of Haiti. I immediately fell in love with the country! I was amazed at the ministry of Haitian Christian Outreach and all they are doing to spread the love of Christ in Haiti.

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My parents had been to Haiti a few times early on when RoRo and Eline had first started the ministry. One thing they noticed was this – while the ministry had grown and expanded, the mission had stayed the same – doing something for Haiti that will last through evangelizing, equipping, empowering and encouraging the people of Haiti. I could see RoRo’s vision and heart to serve the people of Haiti, and it inspired me to want to do something too.

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After I returned to America, I knew I wanted to be a part of the mission of HCO in some way. I wanted to be a part of what God was doing in Haiti, but I wasn’t sure how I could help with the limited resources I had being in high school.

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It was when we were planning my 16th birthday party that I realized I could so something. After being in Haiti, I realized that I have everything I need. So on my birthday invitation, I asked all my friends to bring a donation for Haitian Christian Outreach instead of a gift. I thought by doing this I might be able to raise a few hundred dollars to send to Haiti.

I invited 24 high school students from my school. At the end of the night, I sat down to open all my cards and was moved to tears after realizing that my friends had given over $800 for Haitian Christian Outreach! The generosity of my friends and their families overwhelmed me! I am so thankful to all of those who gave.

It was truly a blessing to give $840 to RoRo to help provide for the needs of Haitian Christian Outreach. I truly know in my heart that God is doing amazing things in Haiti with the help of HCO.

Being able to make a donation to HCO was the best birthday present I could have received for my Sweet 16!

I truly hope and pray that others will be inspired and consider doing the same thing for their birthday!

Blog and photos by Emily Rumbuc
2016 Short-term Team Participant