PRAY FOR HAIT – April 2018

Pray With Us – April 2018

Thank you, God, that we can rejoice over these words as we celebrate the resurrection of Your Son, Jesus: “He is not here! He has risen, just as he said.” (Matt. 28:6)

Praise God for the Triple Trek team successfully completing all three of their treks and reaching the summit of Pic la Selle last month! They have continued to raise funds for the hospital upon their return. Far surpassing their original goal, they have raised $81,077 toward their trip costs and Phase II of the hospital! 

Praise God for the Toyota Land Rover purchased last month. We are grateful for this new, needed vehicle to help our Haiti staff with teams and ministry needs and for the generosity of the donors who made it possible!

Praise God for continued progress on Phase II of the hospital! On the construction side, as electrical and stucco are wrapped up, our focus is turning to tile and paint! On the medical side, we are grateful for partners who consulted with us in Peredo last month to finalize equipment installation plans!

Praise God for Dr. Gay’s faithful service to the mission! After a long and fruitful medical career, he will retire as Medical Director of Peredo Community Hospital next month. Join us in praying for God’s blessings on Dr. Gay and his family!

Praise God for 7 short-term teams so far in 2018! We have 9 more teams with the potential for more this year and 10 committed teams for next year so far. We are encouraged by so many who desire to come and serve alongside us to do something for Haiti that will last! Join us in praying that team members’ lives will be changed as they serve and that God’s ministry through HCO will be expanded as more come to understand the needs and opportunities!

Lord, be our strength and our shield! We trust in You, and You help us. (Ps. 28:7)

Pray for RoRo and Eline as they lead the work in Haiti, managing staff, directing projects, hosting teams, developing leaders, and evangelizing.

Pray for Cameron, Jennifer, and Becky in the US office as they lead the work in the US, raise funds, coordinate teams, manage the office, and tell the story of what God is doing through HCO.

Pray for Marcus, Arin, Maverick and Pierson, as they continue to make Haiti their home, learn the language, and host teams.

Pray for our board members and staff as they meet on April 27. May they continue to lead HCO through prayer and with wisdom, seeking and following God’s will for new opportunities and the overall growth of the mission.

Pray for wisdom for RoRo and our medical staff at Peredo Community Hospital as a new Medical Director is hired to replace Dr. Gay as he retires.

Pray for continued safety and progress of the construction projects that our crew and teams are working on – the hospital and Peredo classrooms.

Pray that we can make the final connections needed to release the dump truck as we work with all involved in this very long process.

Please join us in asking God to bless the finances of the mission. Pray God will provide new and increased donors. We trust God to provide what we need!

Pray for our final spring team – a Vision Team. Pray with us for the 5 new and current partners who will be exploring how God is calling them to deepen their involvement in His work in Haiti through HCO. They will serve April 5-10.

And pray with us for Every Child this month: