PRAY FOR HAITI – March 2019

Pray With Us – March 2019

We ascribe to the LORD the glory due His name! We worship the LORD in the splendor of His holiness! (Ps. 29:2)

Praise God for His hand of protection during the unrest in February! We are grateful our RoRo, Eline, Marcus, Arin, the boys, and our staff were all provided for safely through the days of uncertainty.

Praise God that peace has returned to Haiti. After about 10 days of protests, businesses and schools reopened and people returned to their work and regular routines.

Praise God for the digital X-ray arriving in Peredo, safely and on time! Flights for Christ delivered the equipment, RoRo, Marcus, and Megan picked it up, and Megan was able to train our hospital staff on the X-ray. What an answer to many prayers!

Praise God for all of the medical supplies and equipment from the container that are being unloaded and put to use at Peredo Community Hospital! We are so thankful to put all of these wonderful items to use in bringing health and hope to so many who need it.

Praise God that teams were able to resume so that ministry can continue going forward! There is much work to be done, and we are so grateful for all those who are trusting God and coming to serve in Peredo!

Praise God that our students were able to return to school. Due to the unrest, schools had not been in session. It is wonderful to see our teachers and students back to their regular studies!

Praise God for $22,000 in committed funds toward the completion of the Surgical Center! We are humbled by God’s provision through His people’s generosity.

May the LORD give strength to His people! May the LORD bless His people with peace! (Ps. 29:11)

Pray for final funding for the surgical center and continued construction. We are getting close on both! We are scheduled to install flooring early this month. Our first surgical team arrives April 6.

Pray for our students as they learn and grow in their studies. May the Word of God take root in their lives and may they work diligently in each subject to learn as much as they can each day!

Pray for our March teams. Teams will continuing to help with construction on the surgical wing of PCH. We have a biomedical tech group serving in early March and a group coming from FairHaven CC (IN) later in the month. May they share the hope and joy of life with Christ!

Continue to pray for the Haitian people, spiritually, politically and economically. Please join us in praying for peace and wise resolutions to the many issues they are facing. May the people find true hope and provision through a relationship with Jesus Christ! And may those in powerful positions lead in such a way that brings lasting positive change to the people and country we all love so much.

And pray with us for Every Child this month: