Pray With Us – May 2019

You, LORD, are a shield around us, our glory, and the One who lifts our heads high. We call out to you, O LORD, and You answer us from Your holy mountain. (Ps. 3:3-4)

Praise God for 56 baptisms since January! We praise God for new believers who are now walking with the Lord!

Praise God for 15 babies born since January! May we never find it ordinary to welcome a new life into the world, especially one born at Peredo Community Hospital and delivered by our medical staff!

Praise God for a month of surgeries at the Surgical Center! Since opening, surgeons have performed podiatry cases, oral surgery, large lymphoma removals, painful hardware removals, cyst removals, and the removal of an external fixation device.

Praise God for our surgical teams and Haitian surgical staff! While medical teams are needed and a huge blessing, we are equally grateful our Haitian surgical staff has been performing surgeries as needed, including prostate, hernia, and urological surgeries. And one hysterectomy has been performed in a patient where the Haitian doctor detected uterine cancer.

Praise God for the digital X-ray that is helping our staff provide better medical treatment! We will never forget how important this equipment is to PCH and our patients!

Praise God for 34 years of ministry! Resurrection Sunday was the anniversary of the very first church service of HCO. We praise God for all He has done in and through HCO to draw people to Himself and bring Himself glory!

Praise God for our May teams! We had a Vision Team/Child Sponsorship team serve in early May and a group of engineering students from Trine (IN) serve with us in mid-May.

When we lack wisdom, we ask you, God, because you give generously to all without finding fault, and we believe that it will be given to us. (James 1:5)

Pray for our Summer Teams. We have 8 teams serving with us this summer: Converse CC (IN), Millersburg CC (OH), Venture CC (IN), an open Surgery Team, 2|42 Community Church (MI), Chilhowie CC (VA), and a medical team from Springfield (IL). Pray for their preparations and pray for them as they grow in their faith, sharing God’s love with others. We look forward to all God will do through these teams and in the places they serve.

Pray as we continue to seek God’s wisdom and leading for all aspects of the ministry of HCO. May all that is said and done through HCO bring glory and honor to the Lord!

Pray for our pastors as they continue to evangelize. May ears hear and eyes see the Truth of Jesus as it is proclaimed in ECS Churches each week. May the Word of God take deep root among those who hear it!

Pray for our students and teachers as they move toward the end of the school year. May they grow in wisdom and stature as they teach and learn more about God and His world!

Pray for Logan, Jorja, and Rebecca. Our 2019 Summer Interns will arrive in Haiti on May 30. Pray for them as they finish their college classes this semester. Also, pray as they prepare – their hearts, minds and bodies for service – and to leave family and friends for the summer. May God use them to glorify Him this summer!

Continue to pray for the Haitian people, spiritually, politically and economically. Please join us in praying for peace and wise resolutions to the many issues they are facing. May the people find true hope and provision through a relationship with Jesus Christ! And may those in powerful positions lead in such a way that brings lasting positive change to the people and country we all love so much.

And pray with us for Every Child this month: