Progress Through a Pandemic

Let’s be honest, the pandemic has been hard. It’s been hard on families, economies, schools, churches, and hospitals. It’s been hard for everyone everywhere. In Haiti, not only are we dealing with the pandemic inside the poorest nation in the western hemisphere but we’re also dealing with food shortage, fuel shortage, tropical storms, and civil unrest due to political instability. This is a hard season but that has not stopped God from moving us in His direction.

We continue to make progress in spite of the pandemic. We do this every day by being the hands and feet of Jesus through meeting the needs of our community. One of the greatest tools in meeting community needs that God has blessed Haitian Christian Outreach with is the Peredo Community Hospital. PCH sees hundreds of patients each month, delivering babies, performing surgeries, prescribing medication, treating wounds, listening and answering questions, and bringing hope! Our Peredo campus has been busy and productive this summer through social distancing, and we are so excited to report that Phase III of the Surgical Center is well underway.

Phase III of the Surgical Center includes the second story of the surgical wing and will consist of a 22-bed long term care facility. For patients who have just had extensive surgery or require more long term 24-hour care, this second story facility will provide for their needs. The rooms will be semi-private with two beds. Phase III also includes conference rooms and housing for medical professional guests.

Construction on Phase III began in the midst of the pandemic but so much progress has already been made. The Haitian construction company has completed all interior and exterior walls using leftover brick from the CEB machine. We are blessed by these hard construction workers who are also blessed with income during a difficult season.

God has truly blessed Haitian Christian Outreach with the resources the Peredo Community Hospital provides. With the completion of Phase III, we will be able to provide even more compassionate care to our neighbors, friends, and brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus.

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